Friday, September 18, 2020

Tuvaluan dance.

 Today we learned about a dance and it was hard at first but then it got easy for me but I don’t know about the other kids. And I really like who the teachers cultures  were very interesting for me because I like who they toot us to dance and some worlds that we didn't know and that was one thing that I loved about the sechin. 

I like people who are very nice and help us when we get stuck. My favourite ones were when she talked about her culture more and she let other kids talk about their culture too and I really like that. And when it was lunch time we went one class at a time and then we went into our class and ate our lunch.

And then we went back into the hole and finished off the dance and when we finished the dance one of my friends sanded up and said thank you to the two teachers and they were very happy about it.       

Thursday, September 17, 2020

S.E.E Writing.


S. Firstly, we should all play football because it is a team sport.

E. A team sport is very important because it teaches us to work together and work hard to get the ball from one end to the other.

E. For example, when the ball gets down to our goal keeper we need to defend and help stop the ball from reaching the goal.

Monday, September 14, 2020

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Our Te Reo Maori Moment

In 1972 people from all around New Zealand came to sine a petition for the government about keeping te reo maori. Today, on the same day and time we sang a song to celebrate Maori Language Week.

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